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January 2012



On May 11th of 2011 the UN General Assembly and the international community will globally launch the Decade of Action for Road Safety. It’s a global event; a 24-hour “rolling” event, were every country of the world, many international agencies, civil society organizations, the private sector and others will mark the occasion of the global launch to officially announce their national or local plans for the Decade to the public.

"The RTIRN supports the Decade of Action on Road Safety 2011-2020 by displaying the work done by our community for this very important and massive event. So we have developed this webpage to showcase our partners and their institutions plans to commemorate this special date.

If you or your organization is planning something to commemorate this special date, please share your plans with our community, send them to secretariat@rtirn.net or administrator@rtirn.net. We also encourage you to register your activity on WHO’s Decade of Action webpage, go to:


Decade of Action for Road Safety: 2012 and 2013 Activities in Argentina

Name: Maria Isoba
Institution: Luchemos por la Vida
Date: 2012-2013
Country: Argentina
Description: “Luchemos por la Vida” supported this proclaim and committed to continue working strongly in Argentina. For this, it carries out different activities. A couple of the more remarkable ones are:


Enforcement of Road Traffic Act and Liquor License Act

Name: Salote Tonga Chief Inspector
Institution: Ministry of Police
Date: 2011
Country: Tonga
Description: The Ministry of Police has already put aside funds from for awareness programs …


Cambodia Experiences on Decade of Action for Road Safety

Name: Chariya Ear
Institution: Handicap International
Date: 19 October 2012
Country: Cambodia

Description: With support from Handicap International and other development partners, the National Road Safety Committee (NRSC)…


Incidence of road traffic injuries in the district of Kandy, Sri Lanka, and its economic impact to the households and to the state

Name: Nithershini P, Dharmaratne S.D, Nugegoda D.B
Institution: Kandy General Hospital, Dept. Community Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Peradeniya
Date: 2008 -2009
Country: Sri Lanka
Description: This comprise of two studies, one as a community survey and another as a Hospital based prospective study (2008-2009) …


Multisectoral Road Safety Initiatives in Myanmar

Name: Thit Lwin
Institution: University of Medicine Yangon
Date: 19 October 2012
Country: Myanmar
Description: In March 2010, the United Nation General Assembly adopted resolution 64/2551 …


Decade of Action for Road Safety launched in Cuttack (India)

Name: Mr. Bikash Mohapatra
Institution: Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents (FPRA)
Date: 11th May 2011
Country: India
Description: On the occasion of worldwide launching ceremonial of Decade of Action for Road Safety …


Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 -2020, Mexico

Name: Dr. Sandra Treviño Siller.
Institution: Institute of Public Health
Date: June 1 - 8th
Country: Mexico
Description: Supporting the global initiative of the Decade for Road Safety, launched in Mexico last May 11 …


National Launch of the Decade, Institute of Public Health; Republic of Macedonia

Name: Dr. Tozija Fimka, As Shaban Memeti, Perihan Tafiloska.
Institution: Institute of Public Health
Date: May 11th
Country: Republic of Macedonia
Description: Launch of the Decade, preparation …


Tamil Nadu Campaign on the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

Name: R.ARUL
Institution: PASUMAI THAAYAGAM (Green Motherland),
Date: May 11th
Country: India
Description: Tamil Nadu Campaign on the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020…


Attending the “Decade of Action for Road Safety and National Youth Traffic Safety Month Launch”, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit

Name: Dr. Adnan Hyder
Institution: Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit
Date: May 11th
Country: United States
Description: The U.S. Launch of the Decade of Action for Road Safety and National Youth Traffic Safety Month will take place in Washington, DC …


13 Basic Rules for Road Safety in México, Networkvial

Name: Raul Peniche
Institution: Networkvial
Date: May 11th – 14th
Country: México
Description: During the second Ibero-american Forum for Road Safety in Latin America and the Caribbean …


Road traffic Injury prevention, Entornos Foundation

Name: Dr. Martha Hijar and Dr. Luis Solórzano Flores
Institution: Entornos Foundation
Date: May 11th
Country: México
Description: Entornos Foundation is a Mexican civil society organization created by academics who want to make available …



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